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Saturday MusicAL?
  4th February, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud.

Ooops! I totally forgot to add that to yesterday's Blog!
It's been up since Thursday!! D'oh!



The skyline game now has it's first layer of gameplay integrated, but there's still no player character.
That'll be today's task.
Coming up with, and animating, a new character to fit into the world.
Obviously, the character won't "fit" in the world.. Those windows are only 1px high, and that would be extremely difficult to see onscreen!

So, an oversized player character is in order. .. But what style will it be!?

Decisions, decisions.

Daily Doodle : Morning!

Tea and Toast.
The breakfast of champions.


So much to do.
Time fades away.
There's music to make,
and coding to play.


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