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Friday MusicAL
  17th February, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud.



I'm sniffling badly, and sneezing again.
Another "Man-Flu"?
Starting to get slightly worried that this is seemingly occurring every other week.
No idea what might be causing this, but it's certainly getting out of hand.


Anyhoo, yesterday was spent doing more to my Scoreboard Admin stuff, and not (as it should've been) working on getting the next game started.
I still haven't done anything remotely considered a start.
Well, that's not entirely true.

I did plan on making something with the Platdude-on-a-horse sprite, involving you shooting at enemies as you galloped along. But then I watched Jim Sterling's latest video about craptastic Sprite-Flip games, and it featured a game that looked eerily similar, in gameplay, to the one I had in mind..
.. So, that got scrapped!

No idea what to do, now.

Daily Doodle : Keep Platworld Tidy

Platdude is being a good Platizen, and throwing his rubbish in the bin.


Only two more weeks to go.
The Switch is on it's way.
Consoles in hand, the future is here.
..but not many games, yet, to play.


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