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Friday MusicAL
  24th February, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud



I spent most of yesterday adding music to Blockman Returns.
Each of the 5 graphical themes now has an accompanying remix of the game's music.
The spikes work. The ice works. The blocklets are collectable and the baddies are deadly.

Right now, the only thing missing is the fruit.
I'm currently unsure whether to add that in or to try to come up with something else.

... Or, honestly, the game's entirely playable without anything else.
What to do?
Either way, I've still got 3 days left to make my mind up, before AGameAWeek Monday.
All should be sorted by then!

Daily Doodle : The Bait

Platdude doesn't like this!
But the captain says it's the only way to get a good photo.


Another year over,
A new one begins.
I slowly get older,
Whilst making more games.


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