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Friday MusicAL
  3rd March, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud



I tried to code, yesterday, but my mind's not quite ready yet.
I did add little health bars over the enemies, but that's about it.

However, I did manage to do one thing.
I went through the whole of the Conspicuous album, within KORG Gadget, and re-rendered everything so I could clean up the odd "issue" that I had with the previous set of files.

Along the way, I also decided to render the incomplete, abandoned files.
Within the "Conspicuous" files were about 12 or so tracks that I never finished, or basically abandoned due to them sounding awful.
These have now been lovingly converted to mp3, and uploaded to the Patreon page, so if you'd like to hear how bad Bad-ALChoons can get, now's your chance!

Tuesday - AGameAWeek : SoCoder, OUYA, GameJolt & PlayJam
Friday - Music : Soundcloud & YouTube

Daily Doodle : King Plat

Platdude is being regal, today.
Where are the jugglers?!


Music and Melodies
All kinds of sounds.
I rendered them all.
Whatever I found.


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