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Friday MusicAL
  10th March, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud



A little more work on balancing the Castle game, a little more.
Things seem to expand in a fairly decent manner, and I spent some time giving the 10 different enemies a particular set of speed/health attributes. (Not that anyone'll notice!)

The game's at a fairly close point to release, but there's still lots of audio to add, and screenshots to take, and I also haven't yet blocked the player to stick within the actual game's 1024x1024 grid, yet.
.. Must remember to do that, later!!

Daily Doodle : Space Patrol

Platdude is protecting the moon, once again.
Is anybody out there!?


It's so long ago,
When I started the task.
A pixelart daily.
Who'd have thought it would last?


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