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Y2:W44 - Barry The Spelling Bee
  29th June, 2010
This one didn't really turn out, so well.
It's a nice nature based bee game, with lovely floaty music, and some words.

You hit Tab to highlight the flower/bee, type it's unscrambled word into Barry's Belly, then hit return.

Rinse, Repeat

There's not a whole lot to this game, and it's not as fun as I was hoping it'd be.

Aw well, not to worry, maybe next week's game will be better!?

You can Download Barry The Spelling Bee from The Jayenkai Archive, where you can grab it for Windows, MacOSX and Linux.
Type away!

It's got a nice background tune!!


AGAW Scoring : 44 weeks, 45 games, but a bad quality of games lately. Must try harder..

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