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Friday MusicAL
  24th March, 2017

Also available on SoundCloud



Things are more or less running smoothly.. Or at least as smoothly as they can be, given my new laptop's committed suicide after just 5 months.

My backups are working wonderfully, but later on today the new Laptop will arrive, and I'll have to start the long complicated task of restoring all those files. It's all the little files that end up taking the most time.
The hundreds and thousands of sprites.
The oodles of audio files.
All those Platdude Pixelarts.
The list goes on.

They'll all have to be grabbed from the network drive, over to the new laptop, so that'll be around about a day or two that I can't really make use of the thing.
Given the insanity that awaits, I've opted to (geeze, again!?) make this week's game a two-week'er.
I don't really have enough time in the day to be doing all the backups, as well as somehow code the game.
Or at least, not up to the standard it deserves, anyway.

So.. You'll have to wait for that, I'm afraid..

Daily Doodle : In Memory

Platdude remembers all the people who are no longer with him.


Another day, Another task,
And more things yet to do.
The list of work is building up,
It's piling up on you.


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