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Today's 90 Minutes...
30th June 2010  
Am I still doing that 90 minute thing?!
Seems to have faded out a bit. Oh well, no matter..

Today I spent about 2 hours working on this.

Yep, that..


Then I took about 3 hours cutting 192 video files down to about 5 seconds each.
I deleted the large files along the way, since I was making 5 second copies, and ended up with 186 files.

... balls..

Not sure which clips are missing, and .. honestly.. I don't think I've time to find out.

I then waited for about 20 mins, while EditStudio sat trying to figure out what those 186 new files were, before spending another hour trying to collect all the clips into a single super-long video, and am now letting it render a test video, which is... well.. more waiting..

The video's nowhere near done, and has a boatload more tweaking to do, like trying to get the DS and Java games to the right aspect ratios, and sticking little titles on all the games.


Meanwhile, yesterday's game was #198. Which means this weeks will be #199 and the week after will be the great big stupidly crazy Game #200!

.. (hence the video!)

Not sure what this week's game will be. I might wimp out and post Microbe2, but I was kinda doing that for another purpose (hmm! cryptic!!). We'll have to see if I can fit another game into the mix, along with everything else that needs doing!

Your turn..
Here's what I need, if you're slightly bored over the next few days.

1. Extra JNKPlat2010 levels, for the big "200 Games" super-release. If you've made ANY... Any at all.. Send 'em my way!
2. If anyone has any recommendations for a nice (free/cheap) video editor that won't crap itself under the weight of 200 video clips, let me know! EditStudio's good, but.. Blimey, it gets slow!
3. Pick your favourite game from the archive, and tell me what I should add to it, to make it even better. Anything goes. Except Alien Deathmath.. There's no way I can remake Alien Deathmatch with such a short schedule!!!
4. um.. can't think!

That'll do for today! This post's big enough!

(apologies for any odd typing, keyboard needs new batteries, and can't be bothered getting up to do it )

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