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Raiding the Editor
  7th July, 2010

Mmm.. Editor!

You can play along inside the editor, just like in the last one, but things get a bit shrinkied this time.
The game scales down from 7*pixels to 4*pixels, so that a bunch of extra editor clickables can fit around the side.
There's not a whole lot of clickables, right now, but it's all a WIP.
The levels then save as nice neat XML files, so you can even set about tweaking them in notepad, if you feel the need!

Nothing else to show, right now.. Looks/feels about the same as it did before!!
Oh, and those "Layer" things are so you can have holes with gripable vines, or dogs starting off at the same place as gems, or whatever.. together... rather than only having one object per "block".

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