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This Week...
  11th July, 2010

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Tuesday : Game #200 : RetroRaider II, Lara's Quest Continues


I've got a few Microbes advancements planned, and there's a new JNKPlat 2010 release kinda half done..
Those should appear at random times throughout next week, mostly because neither are quite done yet!

Additionally, I'd like to take a little time off, to finally get around to sorting out the online highscore system.

I wasn't going to go Keraazzeee with it, but.. Um.. I think that a total re-write's in order, and that I might as well go keraazzeee with it!

There's a few quirky games, lately, that makes the requirements a wee bit bigger than standard.
NeonPlat2, for starters, requires a whole mountain of scoreboards!

8 different gameplay types * 4 different difficulty levels = 32 scoreboards!
... * 4 players = 128 scoreboards.


So, yeah, the old scoreboard certainly can't do, and it all needs a total rethink.

I'm thinking, but I've had no time to start it yet, hence the need for a week off to finish it all off!

Will it work!?
Only one way to find out!

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