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Y2:W46 - RetroRaider II
  13th July, 2010
My super copyright infringing retro game is back!

Take one part Pitfall, one part Tomb Raider, and mix in a little Indiana Jones, and this probably wouldn't be the first thing that springs to mind.

Never the less...

Here she goes again!-=-=-

Cursors to move, Z to shoot, Up or X to jump.. Simple as can be!

There are currently 5 levels in the game, but there's also an editor included.
Just like the JNKPlat updates, we'll make this a two way deal.
If you build me more levels, I'll build up the game in return.

View on YouTube
(note, the video's from a version about 4 days ago, so it's a wee bit old already!)

For now, you can Download RetroRaider II right here! It's available for Windows, MacOSX and Linux!

Enjoy the raiding, and make me some levels!!


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