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13th July 2010  
Is it really 200, already?! Blimey!

The quickly made retrospective "look at what you've done" post..

I started writing games as a kid, went through school making silly games, and ended up with not-much-at-all to show for it.


No matter, there were still plenty of games to be made, and slowly but surely I've been building up a great little collection.

I quickly learned that, if I ever wanted to finish a game, it'd better be a nice quick one, rather than one that takes months or years to finish. I don't have any particular artistic talent, and seemed better suited to doing silly looking pixels, than fancy looking art.

So, over the years, I've grown accustomed to making games with chunky pixels, and games with lacking animation, and with the help of a static game framework I've been whittling these things at a rather insane rate.

Sometimes they're great.

Sometimes they're a bit rubbish.

But most of the time they're about the idea, and whether or not something works.

I find it fun, and hopefully you have/will, too!

All 200 Games are available right here!!
...and there's a new one every Tuesday!

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