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18th July 2010  
This week I've drawn a train, and some tracks, and am currently in the midst of desperately trying to get the train to behave upon said tracks.
So far, it's a stuggle!
Trying to get each carriage to turn at the right time, trying to account for the 30-odd track pieces that I've drawn, and trying not to make it look rubbish.
meh, what can you do!

It looks a wee bit unrealistic, but it gets the job done!
(hint for future Jay : probably shouldn't have gone for train sprites that were twice as large as the tracks ones!!)

The engine is piecing together slowly, and I've yet to consider any sort of gameplay.
Whether or not this all falls into place within the next day or so, is entirely up to how much I refrain from doing silly things on the internet, like typing large blog entries like this one.

Perhaps Tuesday : A new game, with a steam train, but with no name.

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