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AGameAWeek Two!
  20th July, 2010
Looking at the stats, either everyone decided to leave when I released NeonPlat (Why?!) or folk started to get upset when I mentioned my attempts at iPhing Development.
I'm not sure which, but there's certainly been an awkward shift.

So, I'm going to split things up.
Even though my iPod Development won't be "AGameAWeek" (or at least, not for a long long while) I've still decided to call my new site AGameAWeek iDev. Because, what the heck, that's my brand now! I might as well stick with it, right?!



So, yeah, all new secondary blog, all fancy and bloggy, and all full of iPhing info.
If you want to follow that, feel free.
Or stick with my Twitter, where I'll be frequently spamming about my latest blog posts.
... OR, I'll probably repost anything really important over here, too. 'cos, it's still me doing it all!

So much to do!

AGameAWeek iDev : Here!


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