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Possibility of missed week..
23rd July 2010  
Although, I did say that last week, too!
Never mind..

Read inside for techy stuff!

This week I'm definitely making a start on the new Highscore system, so if I don't get around to making a game, that's why!

First up, scrambling the munky out of the current highscore list.
I've whittled it down to a nice scrambling thing, that can take the old (in my test) 6kb scores.dat file, and go "WHAAA!" with it, until it's 15kb. oops!

No matter, the info is no longer perfectly readable and editable, and is now happily nasty, and totally and completely unreadable. (with any luck!)

Each 232 character line contains all the things that it used to.
The player's name, their score, when they played, badge info, and a whole bunch of 0's.
The 0s have always been there (take a peek in my recent games, at the scores.dat, to see them all) and are great for storing all kinds of data that I haven't really bothered to use. NeonPlat2 makes use of them, though!

So, with all the data scrambling and unscrambling on the PC side working nicely, I now have to redo the whole complicated crazy function on the PHP side.
awwww... nuts...

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