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This Week...
  25th July, 2010

Or, rather, I've nothing planned at all.
It's Sunday morning, I've not started a game and I have no ideas.

... or at least, nothing that can be done in the next few hours, anyway.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't, but I probably won't.

I already said the other day that I'd be taking this week off, to handle all the Highscore stuff, but that idea kinda exploded in size, in my head, and is now (probably) going to take a lot longer than planned. Stupid ideas, need to put a lock on my brain!!

As well as that, I've been waiting around impatiently for Apple to approve/reject my app. It's not even got to the review stage yet, and I'm pretty damned sure that's the fault of Yankie-Doodle-Doofus who went and stuck a Tether in his App.
.. You've gone and fucked up the whole App-Review process for everyone, so THANKS FOR THAT!!!
(or I'm just too impatient.. could be that..)

So, a blank week.

But I'm still ahead, so we're ok, right?

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