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Y2:W48 - Nuffin :(
  27th July, 2010
A missed week.

They're quite rare, nowadays, but there we go.

If Apple could get their act together, I could've said "Y2:W48 : Cardagain iPod", but.. guess that's not happening any time soon.
Nearly a whole week since I submitted my game, and still no feedback at all.

So, what HAVE I been doing this week?

Well, I've completely redone the frontend of the engine.


First up, changed the logo to a picture. I used to have a picture for the logo, and I'm not really sure why I changed it to text, (probably laziness!) but now it's back.
Each game will now have a lovely proper logo..

Secondly, the Credits list is now on a seperate tab on the right-hand sidebar.
This gives us a bit more room to play with, and I'm sure I can come up with slightly fancier menus with all the wonderful area!

Hmm.. What's that other tab?



Online scoreboards!!

With logins, multiple boards per game, a simple message-of-the-day that extends to every game (not just a per-game one!), and the ability to keep track of things on the server, so I can start totting up badges, keeping track of how many of my games you've played, and things like that..

I really need to add a "I forgot my password" thing to the site somewhere!!

Anyhoo, the basics are in, and all other work should be doable server-side without breaking all the games.

Since things are mostly working, I'll probably whip up a couple of "old games, with added highscores", but I've yet to test this in Mac/Linux, so it might all go pearshaped rather quickly!

Wish me luck!!

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