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Y2:W49 - Cardagain!
3rd August 2010  
Incase you hadn't heard already, I released my first iPhing game, last Wednesday night.
This week, I'm releasing the Win/Lin/Mac testbed version of the very same game.
Think of this as a promotional item, of sorts, but also as a "Let's try new things" ideas edition.

First up, this new one has a batch of new backgrounds and cards. The backgrounds are already in my in-dev iPhing edition, and the Cards are making their way in, slowly but surely. That update should turn up soon enough!

After this, I'll be fiddling about with the Blitz version, to find new gameplay styles, and things like that. So if you can think of anything cool, let me know.

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Meanwhile, as it stands, here's Cardagain and this one's free.
The Windows, Linux and MacOS editions are here!
The iPhing edition is available here!

AGAW Scoring : 49 weeks, 49 games. Awesome!! ...but a bit tight! eek!

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