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OK, Now What?>
  5th August, 2010
Authentic Kaizen (pixelprospector.com, ideaman behind NeonPlat) has sent a few new game ideas. Some are short and sweet, but the most tempting one feels like it needs a little care and attention.
I feel like I want to do something with it, but am struggling to come up with a way to compress it into a week's worth of code.

I think, what I might actually do, is leave it a few weeks.
Once I hit the 52nd week of year 2, and another whole year's worth of games, I'll be taking a small rest. Maybe about a month's worth of time off.
During this time, for about a week, I'm going to be stuck at work every morning, which'll be eating chunks out of my regular coding time. Luckily, the two event coincided with each other, so that's not a big deal. But I'm also going to be taking some time out to actually play a few games. I've really not been playing a whole lot, for a long while, and I think I need to refresh my game ideas a little.

Meantime, I'll slowly but surely work on Kaizen's "big idea", spending time crafting a few loving levels and things.
Maybe it'll work out..
Maybe it won't!

But it's worth a try.

Still, that's a few weeks away, and there's another 3 games to make before then.
Time to go idea-hunting!!

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