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30th May 2023
Apple have finally removed SpikeDislike2 from the AppStore.


That's the whole lot gone. About 3 or 4 years worth of hassle and fighting with the certificates and profiles, and the constant paying of the annual Apple-Tax, and everything else.
Was it worth it?
Well, it paid for the living room window, so .. sure, ok, it was kinda worth it.
Sure would've been great to have had enough to buy a bungalow for Mum or something, but I guess my art-skillz are a constant blockade in that department.

And so, the dream is over.

Will I try again?
I keep thinking about making FiveWords into a proper App. Maybe I oughta do that?
I dunno.

Should I?
What are your thoughts on the subject?
Are there any of my creations you'd like to see in the AppStore?
Let me know in the comments.

"Cartoon Derek outside the Apple Store holding a brand new iPhone" by #DrawThings
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