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The Box - Part Five
22nd October 2017  

^ That'll be debug output from iOS, by the way.


I'm getting closer to having the basic script working on iOS.
Spent most of today learning about the do's and don't's of Classes, and have created a Core class and a System class. iOS is still whinging, though, so it seems I need an additional Game class, too.

But basically, the Game will be written to interact with the Core, and then the Core will interact with a different System depending on the intended target.

So far, today's rewriting has proved to be fairly successful, but iOS is still whinging about the fact that my main Game.c contains a main() function, and no class stuff.
I didn't expect this bit to be this complicated, but I'm glad I'm hitting all these walls early on, before coding half an engine and then freaking out about it, later.

So many bad BASIC habits have to be shrugged off in order to get this to work properly, but I'm getting there. Slowly but surely!

You'll notice the debug messages are now numbered. I've been fiddling with the most basic of variables, getting a debug counter to work. Seems to be ok. The counter and its variable are actually part of the System script, use to test that the Core is calling the System functions correctly, and that things are staying put in memory whenever it leaps from place to place.
That seems ok, so I'm fairly confident that I'll be able to use the different classes to handle things like random seed generators and the like, without needing to keep resending the seeds and other bits of information as I go.

It's certainly not been an easy task getting to this point, but .. hopefully.. things will run a little smoother as I continue on the quest.


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