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1st November 2017  

Today's been about neatening the engine in places, and also adding a Random Number Generator.


The starfield needed random numbers, so that had to be done!
I took the code from my recent php based random generator. It's not completely random, and it definitely shouldn't be trusted for doing encryption-based random numbers.
.. But it's good enough for making random levels and other such gamey random things.

I've been making the script a little more manageable, moving certain "framework"'y things behind the scenes now that they're tested, and then making sure that they still work, afterwards!!

CLS colour changing has been added, and you can either set it with SetCLS(), or set a target with SetCLSFade() whereby it'll fade the CLS colour from whatever it currently is, to whatever colour you want.

In addition, I've added some "Quick Screen Ratio Testing" options.

Hit Q and 1 to switch to a 4:3 window.
Q+2 opens a 16:9 widescreen window.
Q+3 is a portrait 4:3 view, as seen on a portait iPad.
Q+4 Q+5 are for iPhone in landscape and Portrait.
Whilst Q+6 and 7 are iPhoneX in landscape and Portrait.
These are mostly for test purposes, so I can quickly check the games fit properly on all the desired screens.

Other phones can be guesstimated by simply resizing the window as you'd like.

You can Download the current test, here.

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