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Not Much to Show Off
  16th November, 2017
Yesterday was full of background tasks.
I added a HSV colour function, fiddled with line-thickness, got a vague "plot" working.

Although the "plot" is actually drawing a rectangle at the given co-ords, instead of plotting a single pixel. I might try to add a "real" plot, later, but it's currently not too bad of a replacement.
.. I guess I'll have to decide for sure when I start trying to do actual pixel-based stuff.

The HSV-to-RGB stuff was overly complicated. At first I tried to write my own, but after about an hour I gave up and nicked one from the web, instead.

I also tried to get "Grab the buffer and render it under the next frame" to work, but grabbing the buffer was slow on my system, so I don't think that'll be something I keep. I mean, it's not "That" slow, but it does result in an instant drop in framerate to about 45fps, if you're trying to do it each and every frame.

As well as those, there were oodles of little tweaks here and there, most of which I've already forgotten about.

Oh, and I think I've given up with MOD support for the minute. I'd love to tackle it, later, but right now it's hard to find something that's truly cross-platform, and doesn't result in the .exe expanding to twice its size!

Today's a Newsletter day, so all focus will be on doing those duties. Pulp'ish Music video, uploading, and a whole lot of waffling into the newsletter!!

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