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Friday MusicAL
  17th November, 2017

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Yesterday I decided to make a proper start on the Framework.
I started by creating a checklist of all the current Framework's command list. I'll be going through and ensuring that the new framework has every function that the old one did.

First up was adding Date and Time functions, and that went more or less smoothly, although once I start getting things running on other systems (geeze, I really need to get doing that!!) I'll have to double-check that the date and time are working there, too.

The list currently stands at 64 commands, spanning all kinds of functionality from Load/Save to Collision detection, GameCenter handling, and everything in between.
I'm hopeful that I can manage to get it all working, but there's going to be a few hurdles along the way.
... Like, how do I get iOS GameCenter to work from within a C++ Class.. Hmmm....

Yep, lots more work to go!

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