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Rest Day
  21st November, 2017
Been coding WAY too much, these past few weeks.
I needed another rest day!


It's certainly tiring me out, all this C++ learning.
I guess that's a sign that my mind is finally being taxed properly, after over a decade of getting used to the joys, and relative ease, of using various Blitz-based languages.
Now I'm having to actually figure things out, and it's certainly not an easy task.
It doesn't help that C++ is in a crazy state of none-standards, with practically every version having subtly different rules.

Today's todo-list is yesterday's todo-list, as I got absolutely nothing done, yesterday.
Instead, I sat watching random YouTube vids, did a little music and played a fair amount of Mario Oddyysssee.

Today will be better. Honest!!

.. Ugh.. Menus..

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