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Waiting for Windows
  22nd November, 2017
I swear it only just updated with the Fall Creators' Update a week or so ago. But, nope.. doing it all again!!


So, with the system stuck updating for about two hours, I spent some time on the Mac, trying to unravel a bit more of the Framework on there.
I've now managed to get the thing "nearly" compiling. It's down to one single big-red error, now.

The problem is, that error is about 7,000 lines long!

It's obviously an issue with the linker, so I guess I need to dig in and figure out why that might be happening. But otherwise, there are currently no more OpenGL errors, which is nice.
This is, of course, because I've removed ALL the OpenGL code, just to get a basic version compiling. That stuff shouldn't be too complicated to reimplement later, but first I need to figure out the linker error.

I???m guessing that XCode is trying to compile all the c files in the project, one by one, then one of the c files includes the stb_vorbis.c file, and the two are clashing.
From what I can fathom of the giant error message, it seems to be complaining about dublicate identifiers, and they're all vorbis related commands.
So, I need to figure out how to disable the file from the linker, so that only the include version is compiled.
..or something..

I???m not sure. This stuff is all new to me, if I'm honest!

Anyhoo, onward and upward.
Hopefully I can figure all of that out, before the end of the week, so I can finally start recoding the GLES stuff, and then get the Framework vaguely running on my iPhings.

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