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  25th November, 2017

It's a start..!


Functionally, all three "Start Menu" buttons are working.
The Start button starts. Although it should technically lead you into the secondary "Easy, Normal, Hard" menu, for now it just leads you directly into the "game".

.. The "Game" is currently a swirly line, and not much more.

The Options and Credits buttons work as you'd expect, with each leading to their associated function, giving you the generic Scrolling Platdude's background, and each one letting you hit Escape to return to the main menu.

The Credits screen doesn't currently have any credits on it.
The Options screen doesn't currently have any options in it.

But they're working, and you can use either mouse, keyboard or controller to move between them.
.. Well, except the Options menu, because without an option to Return to Menu, that's not possible!

But it's working, and it's a decent enough start.

I think!

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