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Mac's turn..
  8th December, 2017
The framework isn't quite running properly on MacOS, so today will probably be spent trying to get that going.
For some reason, since the recent MacOS Security Update, I don't seem to be able to Remote-Desktop into the Mac via the WinLaptop.
Hopefully it's just some weird thing, requiring a reset or something, and not a hole that's been closed, making it unusable.. Hmm.. :\


Either way, I've now got both Windows and Linux chatting to the server, which is nice.
There's still a bit of a quirk, whenever the server sends the result in a slightly different format, but hopefully I can figure out how to ignore that.

Otherwise, that's another important piece of the puzzle solved.
Graphics work, Sound works, loading and saving seems to work (but has yet to be fully stress tested), and online URL requests work, too.

I still need to find a good way to figure out controllers, and may even have to resort to (*shudder*) a config screen.. Eeeeeuuuww!!
Haven't needed one of those for a long while, so I'm hoping I can generally ignore it, but .. It's not looking good.

So, I suppose that's two tasks for today, then.
Getting the Mac going, and getting joypad config solved.

Another busy day ahead!

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