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Making a Mac'ing Mess
  9th December, 2017
Starting to think I should probably just make an XCode project.


Seems that trying to wrangle the command line ("Terminal!") to get gcc to compile the game, in the same way that I'm doing it in both Windows and Linux, is just not going to work out on the Mac.
Instead I'm going to have to generate an XCode template, and hope that I can get that working.
Seems a bit of a waste, having spent hours trying to get GLFW and OpenAL "installed", but after all the hassle it then started to whinge about the linker, even though it now had the things installed and ready to go.
An absolute mess!!

So, method scrapped, and today I'll start again with XCode.


Meanwhile, I've been thinking about a nice way to implement redefinable keys/controls.
Since my games all tend to use minimal controls, it shouldn't be TOO hard to make a simple controller input option thing.
But.. Yeah.. I think my head's currently bubbling away with FAR too many ideas, and is totally overcomplicating it.
I need to spend some time with the idea, plan out a nice and simple way to do it, and then take it from there.

... Hmmm...

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