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A Big Dilemma
  10th December, 2017
The controller config screen has done that thing, where I started with a minor issue, but the more I thought about it, the more and more complicated it got!!


The main issue, no matter what style I give the menu, you're going to have to navigate it with either keyboard or a gamepad. Clicks and Taps are one thing, but if all you have is a gamepad in your hand, you can't exactly click around the buttons.

So, imagine you've a gamepad in your hand, and need to select the bottom right option, but you've already redefined half the buttons.
You're halfway through the reconfig screen. You've swapped the "Primary Button" for the "Secondary" button on your gamepad, so you essentially no longer HAVE a Primary button configured.
Now, without a Primary button, how are you supposed to "select" the next option on the controller menu?

This minor issue has been driving me slightly crazy, for the past 24 hours.
I'm currently thinking that, on the controller config screen, there should probably be some defaults that don't ever change. But then if you've got a really odd controller, that's going to be hard to navigate with.

A baffling concept, and one that's kept me plotting and thinking for a good amount of time.
I have an image in mind for how to lay out the menu for this, but I can't quite shake that I'm going to have an insane number of issues, based on trying to make it work with different devices.

Stupid controllers!! Grrr..

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