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Taking My Mind Off Coding
  11th December, 2017
Today's been a nice none-coding day. .. with coding in it!

Rather than my usual coding, a package arrived.


I signed up for Creation Crate last month, and this is the first box.
Each month is a complete electronics kit, coupled with an Arduino device, which you cobble together, and then write (copy line by line, from the manual, oldskool style!) a piece of software for it to run.

About an hour was spent fiddling about with the electronics, before typing out the code, then connecting the Arduino via USB, and uploading the code to get it all to run.

It was quite a nice little experience.
All my many (many) years of GameDev, and I've never really tackled the art of Electronics, so this, as well as this year's Advent Calendar have been interesting experiences for me.

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I'll be looking forward to getting more of these over the course of the next year, and finding interesting things that I can achieve with a new-found skill.
I might even dare to buy a soldering iron, and end up getting really techy with the thing.

Who knows, by this time next year, I might even be building my own plug'n'play AGameAWeek TV dongles
(I really doubt that!!)

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