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Redoing the Controller
I started the rewrite of the controller code, last night.

Digging deep, I realised I could probably reuse quite a lot of the old code, since the engine already grabs Joystick data each frame, as well as using a bunch of good-old fashioned numbers to do a lot of the legwork.


I need to get it to do defaults properly, and additionally try to remember configs for different joystick types, so you can plug and unplug at random and it'll (hopefully) keep up.
Numbering the "players" will also be difficult, so for the meantime I'll be sticking to single-player code, only, and making everything control "Player One".

So far, the code "looks" like it should work fine, I think, but I've yet to actually test it, as I also need to add the controller config options into the framework.

That'll be today's task. Coming up with a nice layout that looks fine onscreen, isn't too much of a mess, is easy to navigate with just a gamepad, but that also works with a mouse.
Oh, joy!!


Have I mentioned that I'm not a fan of doing menus!?

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