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Under Control
With the controller doing proper feedback, now, it's time to look into integrating it into the framework.


Today's task will likely be to figure out how to do a "Define Your Controller!" screen.
I have an image in mind, but whether I can achieve it in the framework, I'm unsure. I'm also not certain that I can fit all the controller button names around the screen, too.
It's certainly going to be an overly complicated screen full of oddness!

In addition, I need to add toggles for the left and right thumbsticks, because certain controllers (bloody X360 controller!) seems to invert the Y axis on the thumbsticks.
No idea that that's about, but it's been an issue I've had for a long while.

Anyhoo, that's today's job. Controller options.
*sigh* This bit's taking far too long!!

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