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Lazy Day
  14th December, 2017
Having a lot of these, lately! Perhaps it's a sign that things are getting close to the end?
.. Or maybe I'm so far from the end, I'm starting to get frustrated, and drift off the plan!


I planned out a nice "Big gamepad on the screen" idea in my head. I'm not sure how do-able it'll be, but it feels like it might fit well.
It won't fit very well onto Portrait Phone mode, but if any of these Framework games end up on iOS, they'll not be needing any controller settings.

Otherwise, not much to speak of.
Late last night, however (about 2 in the morning) the server died.
I stayed up all night giving it little head rub, and hoping it'll wake up all in one piece.
It did, but it took until a half-decent time, this morning, before the folk at Zen Internet had woke up and got to work.
I pretty much wasted the night, playing Rhythm Paradise Megamix on the 3DS.
A good waste of time!

Today I need to focus on Newsletter bits and pieces. Doing the Pulp'ish music video and that kind of thing.

Busy busy Jay!!

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