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My monthly calendar reminder popped up, last night, to remind me to do all of my "full" backups.

The server was backed up fully, all of the latest SoCoder uploads and any uploads to AGameAWeek have all been saved to my harddrive, just in case.

The iPhone and iPad got hooked up, with iTunes handling the main backup, and a flush/backup of their photos.

Note about iOS Photo Backups.
Open the iPhing to the homescreen, THEN plug the device into Windows, and you'll find that it opens the device as a media drive, from which you can very quickly and easily Cut+Paste all of your photos over to your hard drive.
It's MUCH easier than having to faff about with iTunes to do your photo archiving.

In addition, I used iTunes to delete a bunch of old Podcast that had somehow amassed on the iPad, even though I'm fairly certain it should've been deleting them along the way.

Once everything was backed up to the laptop, I set off a massive Laptop->NAS backup, and that took pretty much all night.

So, next to no coding, yesterday.
But a reminder to backup.
And set up a frequent reminder in your calendar/reminders, because backing up is important!


I did make this, yesterday!
It doesn't do anything, yet, but all the buttons are clickable so that's nice!

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