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  18th December, 2017
Some crazy coding, tonight, as I try to figure out how the Escape key should function in various bits of the Framework.


The Escape key defaults to "Start Button", so that when you're ingame, you hit "Start Button" and the pause menu appears.
That makes total sense. Start = Pause = Escape.
Thing is, on the game's titlescreen, Escape should quit, but it's assigned to "Start", so instead of quitting like you'd expect it to, it starts the game!

I've had to write a whole bunch of "Context Sensitive" elements into the controller code to allow that to work the way it oughta.

Baffling stuff, trying to work my way through the code, and figure out when the button should do one thing or the other. And then making sure that a controller version still makes sense.

The Pause Screen is still one of my bugbears. If you hit "Escape" on the pause screen, does that mean you want to "Escape" from the pause screen back to the game, or does it mean you want to "Escape" from the game back to the main menu!?!


Have I mentioned that I hate doing menus!?!

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