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The Festive Pause Continues
  23rd December, 2017
Warning : There are Mince Pies in the house!!
Fat Jay may be making a regularly scheduled festive return!!


I'm currently waiting for the Xmas period to end, before jumping back into the Framework work.
Meanwhile, there are lots of other side-tasks to be tackled between times when festive visitors turn up.

I've been trying to get the Unclaimed AL Bum finished, as well as fiddling around with all number of little bits and pieces.
There's still a number of site fixes to be done, that I didn't give myself time to tackle, like how the Online Scoreboard Admin Page is completely broken, due to it still using PHP4's MySQL functions!

Meanwhile, I keep trying to find a nice new AGameAWeek Jingle, but nothing seems to be working out. I might end up leaving the old one in place.

This is probably how things will continue over the next few days, as I try to be as festive as possible.
Come next week, all should be back to normal once more

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