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Xmas Day's Events
  26th December, 2017
A standard Xmas in the house of Jay.
The morning was spent unwrapping the insane amount of sweets that I'd been gifted.

Since folk know not to buy me Chocolate (since it gives me migraines) and they're desperately trying not to resort to buying Xmas Socks, they all seem to end up buying me a curious variety of sweets.
Each one trying desperately to find the most unique sweet they can, in a bid to outdo each other.

I unwrapped an alarming number of Jelly Beans, yesterday!


Later was the traditional big Xmas Turkey Dinner, with oodles of potatoes and roasted veg, and lashings of gravy over the lot, and then a great big chunk of Xmas Pudding thereafter.

Doctor Who was a nice highlight for the day, and then I napped, because that's approximately "too much" for me to cope with in a single day!!

After the nap, I sat doing more backups, since I realised Windows iTunes hadn't been downloading my newer music purchases. iTunes on Windows is somehow still a bag of crap, and getting it to download all your purchased music somehow leaves the entire system mostly unusable for the duration. It's shocking how bad it still is to use, after all these years!
3 hours later, and it still wasn't finished, so I'll have to kick that off again, at some point today.


So far, health issues have been relatively low-level, although I am somewhat off-balance, so have been trying my best to stay seated.
The less I move, the less I feel like I'm about to puke!!

I keep trying to help out where I can, but there's the ever-growing feeling that I'm starting to lose my ability to do anything useful whatsoever.

I think, come new year, I need to make myself a proper list of daily activities, and try to stick to it.
Getting outside for a daily walk is definitely something I need to tackle. At the moment, I'm managing to get outdoors maybe two or three times a month, if that, and it's not a great situation to be in.
Lazy Jay is winning the fight, it seems.

Today will be a much larger number of visitors in the house, and I'm expecting to have to cope with a lot of noise and voices from all around the room. That's something I have a lot of trouble with.
I'm hopeful that I can cope.

.. Maybe..

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