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Present To Myself
  28th December, 2017
After all the gift giving, comes random spending on yourself!


A GPD Win.
Note : The newer model's due out soon, but I'm not after it for "power" usage, just for messing about with, so the lower specs don't bother me too much. Plus the new one's about 50% more expensive, and sod that!!

I've bought the device to do the usual "my games" testing on, but also to see whether I can get back into PC gaming in general.
I'm not sure if I can, but it's worth a shot.

Playing games on the laptop can be bulky and awkward, especially when trying to balance a laptop on your knee, whilst holding a gamepad in your hands.
So, this seemed like a nice solution to try out.

Whether it IS, remains to be seen.

Yesterday was spent doing an inane number of Windows updates, watching the %age go up to 100, then back down to 0, over and over again.
Once all the updates were done, the battery was drained, and that was about it for the night.

Today will hopefully be spent testing various things, and seeing what will and won't work on the system.

Should be fun!

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