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2018 - Things To Do
  1st January, 2018
1. Finish the framework!
This is the biggest item on the list.
I'm currently considering cobbling together a half-assed version so that I can start releasing my first few Windows games.


The framework's (I think!) up to the point where future enhancements build, not destroy, so I should be able to start making games, now, and then later on recompile them with the newer version of the framework to get more compatible and feature enhanced editions of the game, running on more systems.

2. JNKPlat
It's about time that I got a nice new version of JNKPlat released, and that's one of the aims of the new Framework. I've ensured that loading and saving files works properly, and that I can up/download strings to the server.
That's more than enough to handle the important stuff. I think!

I'll probably simply ignore the idea of trying to get JNKPlat working on Mobile devices. Without buttons, the game simply doesn't work, and I'd rather not have a JNKPlat game where half the screen is full of touchy buttons!
Note to Razer : If you'd've made a PROPER "Mobile for Gamers" with buttons, you'd've got the ONLY Mobile edition of JNKPlat.

3. Flappadiddle 2
Over the past few months, I've had a great number of ideas for a sequel, and I reckon it'd be a great game for testing the abilities of the new framework.
It'd also be a good test of onscreen controls. Left, Right and Flap, but confined to a mobile, and without covering up the gameplay.
It was already a tricky thing to do with the original, but this time I'll plan ahead with that in mind.

4. Dislike!
I started a new version of SpikeDislike, last year, but it got lost in the switch to the new Framework.
No matter. Redo from start!!

5. AL Bums
I finished off the Unclaimed AL Bum last night, and the Pulp'ish AL Bum last week.
All AL Bum's are done
Time for another set of music, but what to call them?
And will I be doing a REMICKSED collection to go with it!?

So, that's enough to be getting on with.
There's also the regular AGameAWeek to do, too.
And, of course, the usual daily pixelart and silly poetry.

I'm not "quite" ready to start, yet. Perhaps another week or so to get the framework fully ready to go, and then I'll start making the first game.
Nearly there!

Hold on, and stay tuned!!

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