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Daily Blog
  5th January, 2018
After yesterday's disaster of a day, I'm hoping that today will be a little more productive.

So, ignore the horrorshow, and focus on more achievable tasks.


File access
It'll be nice to be able to get back to making levels and editors again, but those require proper file access.

Although I can open and close, and read and write files, I currently haven't coded any sort of directory access, so the whole thing currently relies on external files being in a very specific location, and with a very specific set of filenames.

This isn't any good for general purpose level editing, as folk would probably rename levels as they see fit.

That needs to be fixed, and that's exactly what I'm going to attempt, today.

First job, read a directory.
Next, some kind of selection screen.

Hopefully it turns out better than yesterday's selection of failures.
Bah, humbug!

I at least managed to get a decent ALChoon going, though. So that's something.

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Daily Blog
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