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  8th January, 2018

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The framework only runs if it's ran directly from XCode.
Double clicking the game's icon, afterwards, seems to run it, but without letting it access any of the files in the folder.
A bit odd, but hopefully something I can solve.

Tonight was spent working through literally hundreds of error messages, fixing up bits of code and getting them "just right" for XCode. It's still not content, and you can see a HUGE list of errors on the left of the XCode window, all of which need fixing up.

XCode is indeed the fussiest of all compilers!

.. and I'm the messiest of coders..

.... We disagree a lot!

But it's working.
It's not "working" working, but it is at least a huge step in the right direction.
The audio works, the input works, and even the online access works, too, which is great.
Tomorrow (maybe) I'll see about fixing the file access, and then hopefully I'll be able to upload a test compile that Mac users can run to see if it works for them.

For now. I need a rest!
That's been one heck of a long night.

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