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OK, Now What?
  9th January, 2018
iOS and Android are both still missing from my compile-target list.
Yesterday's Mac attempt was (finally!) successful, but the iOS version requires a hefty rewrite of the graphic and input functions from GLFW3 to GLES, because iOS is awkward!!


As for Android, I'm really not sure how to deal with that. I've no idea if it'll prefer GLFW or GLES (although since I planned to do Android last, I'll have already coded both the versions, anyway!)
I've tried 3 or 4 times to get the Android stuff to work, but it's still very much ground level, and I've already completely forgotten what on earth it was that I did in the first place.

Today, my new NAS drive should be arriving, at some point, so I expect the next week and a half will be spent doing backup backups, and will take up my Mac for the next while. (I'd rather leave the MacMini doing the file transfer, than leave the Laptop running to do it.)

Note : A NAS drive was ordered after all the latest security hacky stuff kicked off, and everyone on Twitter seemed to be warning against using a WD MyCloud. .. Which I have.. .. Uhoh!!

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