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More Damn Backups
  10th January, 2018
Yesterday was spent mostly watching a lot of progress bars.
Not a lot I can do when both the MacMini and Laptop are sitting there copying insane amounts of data over to the new NAS drive.


The main "All my code and websites" are now firmly on the new NAS, but today I need to get all my media copied across from the old drive to the new.
With all the functionality they've put into the Synology DS216j, you'd think they could've at least popped a simple "Copy all the shit from my old drive" option that doesn't compress things into a horribly encrypted and compressed backup.
(eg, having all my music in a single compressed backup file is completely worthless, as you can't then play tracks as you'd like.)

.. Damned if I can find "an app for that" (since the Synology drive has a lot of "apps" to choose from), so instead it's a case of leaving systems running just to do the job.
So, no coding.
Nothing at all.
Instead, I watched some telly, and played a bit of Zelda BOTW, and not much else.
A nice and simple lazy day.

Today I need to get all my extra sync folders up and running again, (like my Photos and iTunes Library) and then ensure the backups are working the way they're meant to.

Another day of progress bars, I'm afraid.

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