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Still waiting!!
  11th January, 2018
The big file transfer continues, and last night it managed to copy my massive Mod Archive across. Over 180,000 files overnight! Wowie!!

I awoke to silence, so tapped on the MacMini's mini keyboard to see why it'd fallen silent.
The mod archive was all copied, and I hadn't yet triggered off the video archive.
So that got started, this morning.
I imagine it'll take a heck of a long time, as it includes my entire archive of Stargate SG1/Atlantis/Universe as well as my Red Dwarf rips.
All of which are duplicated since I couldn't get the DVD ripper to rip with the commentary track as a second audio layer, so instead just ripped each episode twice!!

Yeah, that's going to be taking a while!!

Since the Mac's going to be "busy" all day, I think I'll try to get my Android devkit working properly.
I'm going to have to start from scratch, again, because I've totally forgotten what I had working, previously. Must remember to make a note of things, as I go!

I'm not sure how I'm going to copy compiles from Virtual Linux onto the Android device, though, since VirtualBox/Ubuntu seems completely incapable of letting me use any USB devices, no matter what settings I give it.
I may end up having to do things via the server, again, with a quick upload of a test.apk

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