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Fixing the Scoreboards
  19th January, 2018
The scoreboard admin page has been "broken" for a long while.


The MySQLi functions started to replace PHP4's MySQL function a long time ago, and although PHP5 was whinging about me needing to change them, I never bothered to.
The Scoreboard script itself was rewritten to use the newer functions, but I figured I could easily cope with the Admin page whinging at me. After all, this was a page "For my eyes only", and it wouldn't matter if it kept on saying "...will be depreciated" all over the page.

The new server is running PHP7, and that's completely removed all the old MySQL functions, thus totally breaking the Admin page completely.
Today I've spent a good couple of hours sifting through the wreckage and changing all the broken bits, making them nice and shiny and new.

Of course, the admin page is still an admin page, and it certainly looks the part of an admin page.
It's bland, it's completely un-styled, it's got a big html table in it, and then a bunch of links and boxes to let me do boring admin stuff.
It's nothing fancy, and doesn't even pretend that it might be!

But you'll never see it, so that's ok!

Now that I can once again add new games to the online scoreboard system, and I've already solved the server-based request issues, I next need to integrate the scoreboard encryption into the new Framework.
That oughta be easy.. :\

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