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Strange Replies
  21st January, 2018
Since I'm having to deal with html-responses in a raw fashion, I'm seeing a few quirks in the way that the different servers send their replies.


The current server is replying with a lot of "\r\n" elements, leaving gaps all over the top and bottom of the replied content.
I couldn't quite figure it out, last night. Unsure where to start the read, and where to end it.
I can see a nice "Length of Data" value, and it does indeed match up with the length of the data, but there's seemingly no rhyme or reason for the "Length of Data" value to suddenly show up.
It just.. Does! Randomly, in the middle of the output.

Since the old Zen server's still available to me, I went back and checked, and.. indeed.. the replies are totally different, as is what the GoDaddy server replies with.
They're all different enough that I'd need to write something very capable if I want this to work anywhere.

It should be noted that Monkey copes admirably with this stuff, so I don't need to "fix" any of my old games. I wish I could figure out how the heck it's doing that!!

Instead, then, today I'm going to give up trying to figure out how to read exactly, and instead cheat.
I'm going to add my OWN flags to the top and bottom of the actual output from the server, and hopefully I can use those to understand the output properly.

That's today's task.

But other than output from the server, I am at least now sending scores from the new framework, to the server. And it's recording the scores, too.
So, although I can't quite get the scores back to the game, yet, it's a good enough amount of progress.

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