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Wrangling the Output
  22nd January, 2018
With my new Data-Start and Data-End elements in place, reading data from the server is infinitely easier.


The more I add to the new framework, the more specific to myself it's getting.
Example, URL data reading is entirely dependent on it having my hardcoded data blocks around it.
Files have to be in certain locations.
Things need to be just right.
And the instalation of the various C++ editions is even more chaotic.

At this point, I'm thinking this project might go unreleased, as far as source-code goes.
I had initially intended to keep it neat and simple to read, but as the months go by, it's becoming more and more erratic, and really isn't fit for human consumption anymore!!

So, I'll probably give up trying to do that. It's been a good month or so since it was vaguely readable, and now it's all very much JayCode-all-the-way!

I probably will still release .. something vaguely usable, for anyone who might like to try to understand my insanity. But I doubt it'd be useful.



Today I'm going to head back into my Icon Resizer tool, and try to refit it to do many other things.
It's currently locked into the filenames of the old framework, so it's probably a good idea to fix it up for the new one.
I'll also be attempting to make it much more reusable by others, so I'll be able to upload a handy reusable version of the code.
Screenshots and logo goes in one end, icons, banners and more come out the other.

So, that's today's plan.
Do that!
It might not seem essential, right now, but it sure will be in the future.

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