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A Day Unfocussed?
  23rd January, 2018
People might look at the fact that I spent all day, yesterday, working on an "unrelated" Icon Resizer project, but the new framework needed a new version of the tool.


Now that the basics are up and running, I can spend more time figuring out the complicated stuff, like how to generate .ico files, and hopefully get the Windows Information gubbins to integrate into the new Icon Resizer.
It's going to become a tool that I use on every project, so it needs to be "just right".


So, with the resizer mostly working, I set my eyes back on Flappadiddle.
I nicked a bunch of my old code to get the physics feeling "exact", but oddly, they don't.
Perhaps it's the current 100% random level structure that makes it feel a lot harder than it should, but the game just doesn't seem to have the right "flap-height", and everything feels a little inaccurate.

I'll probably end up having to tweak the values a little, in order to get the floatiness feeling more like it should.

The sequel to Flappadiddle is currently intended to be the first game with the new framework. It's a fairly simplistic set of requirements, but I'll be using it to test a myriad of background behaviour.

That the scoreboard functions correctly, that the framework copes well with slower systems, that the controller functions are accurate and easily tweakable, and of course, that the game actually runs in the first place!!
There's a lot of things I haven't yet tested on multiple systems, so hopefully this game will server that purpose.

It's still a couple of weeks from release, though, as I need to get the last few bits of the framework done.

.. But it's getting closer!!

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