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Ideas are Sprouting
  25th January, 2018
It began, last night, at about 2am.


Concepts for about 20-odd different games, all suddenly sprouting into action.
Ways I can make use of my new Framework, and all the grand new things I can achieve.

I need to stop that from happening, and bottle it up, somehow, until I'm ready.
Because I'm still not ready!
The new framework still isn't running on iOS or Android, and that REALLY needs to be sorted.

But it's good to know that, once I'm ready to kick off AGameAWeek 2018 properly, I've a nice bunch of ideas waiting to go.


Flappadiddle2 is now mostly playable, but needs the flame-bars before it's up to the same standards as the original.
I'll probably add those later, tonight, and then add level progression.

Looking goooood!!

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